Tailored Criminal Defense:

From arraignment to appeals.


Advocating for you. Providing detailed and determined legal representation for the criminally accused.

Your best defense starts with me: understanding and explaining the charges against you, investigating the evidence, identifying the weaknesses in the government's case.  Many cases are won long before a jury hears a word of testimony.  A great defense starts the moment you are charged, and requires comprehensive knowledge of the law, the facts, and the system - and how to use those to your advantage. 

As a former prosecutor, I analyze legal problems with an insider's view of the government's plan. Your financial security, your reputation and your liberty may be on the line.  You deserve a knowledgeable, seasoned and aggressive attorney at your side.  The government is not on your side: I am.

Whatever the charge - property crimes, motor vehicle cases, firearms, drug offenses, or domestic violence - and whatever your history, my allegiance is to my clients.  I am committed to advocating for you, and to achieving the best result possible.  




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Practice Areas

Trial Practice

I am experienced in all aspects of trial practice: whether it is charging, discovery, investigating your defenses, litigating pretrial motions, negotiating advantageous plea deals, or bringing cases to trial.  I am available to assist you at any stage of the process, at the police station or in the courthouse. I have substantial experience in the following areas:

  • Motor Vehicle Offenses: Drunk Driving/OUI; Negligent Operation; Unlicensed Operation.
  • Drug Offenses: Possession of narcotics; Possession with Intent to Distribute, Distribution
  • Weapons Offenses: Carrying or Possession of Firearms or Ammunition; Possession of Dangerous Weapons; Assault with Dangerous Weapons
  • Property Crimes: Larceny; Robbery; Burglary; Malicious Damage to Property; Fraud
  • Crimes Against the Person:  Assault and Battery; Indecent Assault and Battery; Assault
  • Public Order Offenses: Resisting Arrest; Disorderly Conduct; Trespass; Failure to Register

With me at your side, you won't be at the mercy of the government, and you will always be informed.  


I can review your case to identify grounds for appeal and to advocate for you.  If errors were made, you may be entitled to a new trial or to a finding of not guilty.  Beyond probation or incarceration, convictions may have consequences that you haven't even considered: such as losing your driver's license, triggering impacts to immigration status, mandating substance abuse testing or counseling, or limiting access to financial aid or housing assistance.   

  • Did the court make a legal error?
  • Did the jury have enough evidence to convict you?
  • Was evidence used against you illegally?
  • Did the prosecutor or police withhold evidence that benefited you?
  • Was your trial attorney ineffective?

restraining & harassment orders

Are you being abused or harassed? In some cases, an individual's behavior may be so alarming that you need to seek an order of protection.  I will be prepared to argue to the court why you are legally entitled to an order that directs the the other party to not abuse you, to stay away from you, or to refrain from contacting you.

At the same time, individuals often turn to the courts for orders of protection when they aren't legally entitled to such an order.  Disagreements between neighbors, or roommates, or friends may start on social media and wind up in the courts.   If you find yourself on the receiving end of a baseless application for a protection order, call me! 

Whether you are asking a court to issue a protection order in your favor, or someone is asking the court it issue one against you, legal representation can make all the difference.

SHOW CAUSE hearings

A show cause hearing is an important, and often your only  opportunity to minimize your involvement with the court system.  I can help you avoid criminal charges and keep your record clean. If you receive a notice for a clerk's hearing, don't ignore it, and don't show up without an attorney.  At a clerk's hearing, an experienced attorney can convince a magistrate why you should not be charged with a crime.  

CONSULTATIONS for attorneys

I am available to assist other attorneys at the trial and appellate level in both private and appointed cases.  A second set of eyes and a fresh perspective on your case can be invaluable.  Creating an accurate and complete record at the trial level is the best way to preserve and protect a client's rights and will ensure a more favorable standard of review by an appellate court.  I can help you to identify issues for pre-trial or trial motions; conduct legal research; draft, revise, or argue pre-trial motions; litigate interlocutory appeals on pending cases; and format or draft appellate briefs. 

Lawyers in criminal courts are necessities, not luxuries. The right of one charged with crime to counsel may not be deemed fundamental and essential to fair trials in some countries, but it is in ours.
— Gideon v. Wainwright, 372 U.S. 335, 344 (1963)